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Moved to another new apt in Long Beach since June 2016.....

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Dec. 27th, 2016 | 08:08 pm
location: Long Beach, CA
mood: busy
music: band- Gossip

So again, a lot has happened during 2016, here are the major moments for this year.

Moved to Long Beach in May to an awesome 2 bedroom. We love it.

Younger sis had a healthy babyboy, Sawyer beginning of October

I was also pregnant for a while starting May 2016 but had a silent miscarriage at 8 weeks with no heartbeat found during the ultra sound. Had to undergo D&C surgery and also during that same surgery they removed a small ovarian cyst on my left ovary and was able to save my left ovary.

I do want to get pregnant again so I was glad that my OB was able to save my left ovary so I still have both ovaries. She advised me to wait a few months for the body to do it's healing after a miscarriage, then we can try to get pregnant again.

Also later in the year I find out I need to get 4 root canals before I get pregnant again......so another thing I have to take care of in order to ensure I have a healthy pregnancy in the future. So I got 2 root canals done this year and need to get 2 more done starting January 2017.

My Sister in Law, her wife, and kids came to visit us in Long Beach all the way from New Orleans before xmas and stayed with us for a week.

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